A God Story – Spiritual Warfare

I have dealt with spiritual warfare for most of my life, I didn’t know that is what it was though until recently. The most recent attack began a little over two years ago, and I had no clue I was under attack, I didn’t recognize the schemes of Satan and his demons. About a year into this attack, which was far worse than any I have ever endured, I began to even question if God was actually there. I wondered why He would allow this to continue happening to me. And at one point my eyes welled up with tears as I began to think maybe I was an atheist even. These are not things I had spoken to anyone about, I was too frightened by the possible reality of it. One day as I was standing outside of work waiting for my husband to pick me up, this girl that I knew as nothing more than an acquaintance walks past me, says have a nice evening, goes about 50 feet, turns around and comes back to me and gives me a hug and tells me that God wanted her to tell me that He loved me. As crazy as that was with her having no idea what I was going through spiritually, I was still skeptical. Wandering in the darkness my Savior was reaching for me. From there I slowly found my way back. I had been looking all over for this cheap ring I have that I bought years ago as a reminder that I am forgiven (it’s a silver band with the engraving “forgiven”). I couldn’t find it. I tore my room apart several times looking for it because I knew exactly where I left it. And today, Madison brings it to me and asks whose it is. I tell her it’s mine and ask where she found it, and she told me on my bedroom floor. I know for an absolute fact it has not been on my floor. I have vacuumed more than dozens and dozens of times. He brought it back for me, of that I am certain. And that comes the day after I started reflecting on my salvation and finally realizing and firmly believing that He saved me, and though I am not perfect and am prone to wander, sometimes even in dark territory, He is always out there, reaching out for His lost sheep. He has placed Proverbs 4:23 on my heart like something serious. And so, I will guard my heart and keep following and trusting Him.


What do you think?

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