A God Story

What is a God story?  It is the telling of how God is at work in your life.  It is how He proves to you that He is really there; then you can share with others for their encouragement.  This may get long as I share two God stories.

Story #1…

For the last two years, and that might be a conservative number, I had been growing distant from God.  I will spare you all the bloody details, just know that while I was going to church, I wasn’t really there.  I wasn’t praying and I wasn’t reading His word.  I was dying and I didn’t realize it.  Like a sheep, I was wondering, slowly, unaware of what was happening until I found myself in a place I didn’t recognize.  In this place I was so distraught about God, I began to even question His existance.  In those glimpses I recalled various situations that God had clearly been there with me and yet asked Him to free me from belief.  I have shared with you my struggles with not necessarily faith, but religion.  I wanted to be freed from the bondage of religion because it brought confusion to me.  How do we pray?  What bible do we read?  How do we worship?  Rules.  Rules.  Rules.  Whose rules?  God, free me from this.  Take away my belief so I won’t have to stress and be confused about religion and how I am to live with you.  How did He respond?  Get ready to be blown away because this blows me away!  As I was waiting for my husband to pick me up from work, He sent a woman to give me a hug and tell me how much God loved me.  He told her to do this and she obediently did as He said.

She didn’t know what was going on.  She didn’t know what I had been praying.  When this happened I didn’t realize this was an answer to prayer.  I didn’t realize this was quite literally Him, reaching to me beyond the spiritual…but the physical.  It was just a couple weeks ago that I recollected that day and put the pieces together.

Story #2…

Meanwhile He began using me for someone else in a similar manner as the girl who hugged me.  Several months ago He laid on my heart a friend of a friend.  He burdened me to pray for her.  This never happened to me before.  There were days I just couldn’t get her off my mind.  These prayers were very specific.  He burdened me to pray that she would conceive a child.  And while I prayed, I had assurance that she would indeed conceive.  It was very matter of fact to me.  So I prayed, and prayed.  A few weeks goes by and she posts something on Facebook about infertility.  And I prayed.  And some more time passes and she shares that she is going to a fertility center.  Oh. My. Jesus!  God has been using me to pray for someone!  This has never happened to me before.  

He used Story #2 to prove to me that He really indeed used that woman in Story #1 to do something for Him to reach me.  Kind of makes me wonder who else is out there praying for me…and you…and we don’t even know it.  He knows the need and He ensures the need is taken care of.

So to finish up with Story #2…shortly after she shared about going to the fertility center, God refocused my prayers to the health and development of her baby.  I so wanted to tell her all of this, but He wouldn’t let me.  Then the day came that she received her first treatment and on that day the Lord released me and allowed me to tell her about the prayers I had been told by God to pray.  They encouraged her.  The best part of this story though…today she found out she is pregnant.  Please pray for her, she will have a second blood draw in a couple days to confirm.  

God used me.  God uses you.  God uses us.  We obey and He takes care of the rest.


One thought on “A God Story

  1. God loves us so much! He desires a close relationship with each of his children. He uses us in prayer and relationship with others to answer prayers, through his precious Son Jesus! Obedience to pray or give a hug, makes such a difference!

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