Pleasant surprises

One of my biggest fears in returning to the Catholic faith was my kids and what they were going to learn.  They haven’t learned about Mary…the Rosary…Saints…you name the Catholic teaching.  I had this irrational fear that maybe this was a bad idea and that they would be diving right into every teaching and I would have a hard time with it at home because of my own reservations as I come back to the fold.  I have 20 years of anti-Catholic propaganda to sift through myself.

The past several weeks they have been learning about God and Jesus.  Can you believe it!?  I have allowed the anti-catholic movement to pollute my understanding of the Catholic faith and Catholic teaching to my own detriment.  

It’s been a pleasant surprise, an affirmation, to see first hand, that Jesus really is the central focus of our faith no matter how much the anti-Catholics suggest otherwise.  

Pax Christi!!


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