The Holy Rosary….a powerful weapon…

I was planning on writing about this the other day, but as life happens, I lost track of time.  Then, I read this article and thought, well I guess I should go ahead and post this now.  I have been back at this Catholic thing for what, 3 months now?  Over the past month or so, I have seen myself struggle some.  Struggle a lot, really.  I have had the same doubts creep in that have crept in many times before.  Instead of taking those doubts and running, I am sitting here observing myself.  I am watching what happens when I actively pray, actively participate in the Mass versus what happens when I get lazy and slack off on the prayers, or just go to Mass.

This will be of no surprise to you, faithful Catholic Christian.  But to me, it was a surprise.  It is actually pretty exciting.  After…eh hem…38 years of living on this planet, I think I am finally growing into a more mature stage in my faith.  [why has it taken me so long to mature in faith?]

Realization!!!!  When I have prayed earnestly, and participated in the Mass (mind you, I am not receiving Holy Communion yet), I can literally feel my faith deepen, I can feel faith roots firmly plant in moist rich soil.  Contrast to that, when my prayers become vain, and by saying that, I mean, just praying without focus and attention, and when I have allowed Mass to be more of a chore than something I have looked forward to, I have literally felt my faith begin to die, and watched the doubts resurface, and the thoughts of running away have come to mind.  Yet as those thoughts wander in, I reflect at my time in the Baptist church, and while I know I was loving the Lord with all my heart there, I was also missing greatly the opportunity to meet Jesus, literally, right there at the alter.  There is really no place I can go that offers this, other than the Catholic church.

All that is to say, I will happily pray my Rosary again and again, it truly is a powerful weapon!



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