People think they know, but they don’t really know.

Well intentioned people are trying to save us Catholics.  They are trying to get us to understand that we cannot work our way to salvation, and that we only need Jesus to be saved.  What they don’t know is that we actually already believe those things.  I came across some really awesome blogs in the past couple weeks that sort all this out, and I am going to share them below.  Before that, I want to make a contrast between life, to me, as a protestant, and a Catholic.

I finally realize, I finally see, what the Catholics mean about having the fullness of truth.

Life as a protestant is kind of empty.  It is contrasted by the here and now, and the future afterlife.  The grave is simply a place where the remains of loved ones are kept.  The church building is four walls and a ceiling.  Jesus is super awesome, beyond words, hands down the best, but it is only He and I, alone.

Life as a Catholic is much fuller.  The church building is full of life, Jesus life.  He is there, you can feel His presence when you walk in the building.  This is demonstrated by the fact that it demands reverence.  Please, don’t just walk into the sanctuary and stand around like chatty Cathy’s.  There is a time and place for everything, and the sanctuary is not the time and place for conversations between friends.  Then we have the Communion of Saints.  This means, when I visit the grave of a loved one, or just talk to them wherever I am, I have faith that Jesus allows them to hear me.  Just because they died does not mean they are not still my family.  It means that my baby that I miscarried, has not slipped away into a foreign land that I cannot reach.  I have faith that my baby knows me, despite never making it to my arms.  This Communion explains why I felt so close to Pope John Paul II despite never knowing him personally.  The Communion of Saints explains why my grandmother’s death on December 25th, can be credited to the intercession of Saint Barbara (it was my grandmothers request to die on Christmas day).  Or how praying to Saint Anthony to find something lost really does help find it.  It is the fact that every single Roman Catholic Church in the world hears the same Scripture readings at every Mass, every day.  This means that if I travel, I don’t have to worry about missing the message on any day, because my brothers and sisters are celebrating the same Mass as I would back home.  And of course, we have Jesus, here with us, in the Eucharist as He himself promised.  And He has given us a family, sisters and brothers, and a Holy Mother, His very Mother, to help us.

Anyway, on to the blog posts that will help you to understand what we really do believe, and why.  These articles have helped me tremendously as I journey back home.  I wanted to store all these links to find them myself for future reference, so figured I’d share them with you if you haven’t seen them yet.  Just so there is no misunderstanding, the links below are not my writings, they belong to someone else, I have thoroughly enjoyed them and learned from them.

Response to “Why I am Not Catholic”
Claim 1: Catholicism Denies the Gospel (Part 1)
Claim 1: Catholicism Denies the Gospel (Part 2)
Claim 1: Catholicism Denies the Gospel (Part 3)
Claim 1: Catholicism Denies the Gospel (Part 4)
Claim 2: The “Roman” Catholic Church is Not the Church
Claim 3: Catholic Worship is Idolatrous (Part 1)
Claim 3: Catholic Worship is Idolatrous (Part 2)
Appendix 1 – A Practice Inconsistent with “Earning” Salvation: Infant Baptism
Appendix 2 – Appeal to Tradition: the Trajectory of the Shots FIred over the Canon of Scripture


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