Spiritual brain fog…

That’s my self-diagnosis.


As I am finding my way back … Or as the Lord leads me back … To the Catholic Church, different things come to mind that I had been doing when I fell away.

I was very active in my parish, in my opinion.  I helped with CCD, choir, cooking for parish events, prolife events.  I was at a place where I felt led to do those things and be a part of my parish community.

I have never forgotten what I had been doing.  What I had forgotten was the things I was called to in private devotion.

At home I made Rosaries and I had come to a place in my faith that I purchased a veil to wear at Mass.  Both of these things I had completely forgotten.  Brain fog.  I believe the enemy wanted me to forget because I was growing closer to our Lord and our Blessed Mother.  Years have passed and it wasn’t until this leading reversion that it came to my mind that I had been doing those things.  And with the memory comes sadness that I have clearly been under the influence of the enemy.

So while I, following the Holy Spirits guidance, figure this out and make my way back home, I will make Rosaries.  Supplies purchased…should be here by the weekend.

This time I can recognize the spiritual attack and seek godly council to overcome it.  Lord, hear my prayer.


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