Do you believe in signs from heaven?

I am one of those people that you can be standing in front of me, and I will not see you.  I am horrible at picking people out of crowds. I am horrible at it and because it is so hard, I feel a bit of anxiety about it.

I think I have this same problem spiritually, I am not good at discerning Gods voice.  There are times when I can hear Him clearly, and other times where I think I hear Him but cannot decide if He is saying one thing or the other.

We are out of town at the beach.  There is something about the ocean that makes me feel closer to God.  Maybe because of how powerful the waves are, they are subject to His command, like when He parted the Red Sea.

Anyway, I went into a thrift shop and glanced around.  I always find myself in the book area.  It’s not that I’m an avid reader, I have five kids, their volume level is not conductive of pleasure reading.  But when I glanced at the shelf the first book that caught my attention was “Discovering Catholicism” by Matthew Kelly.  I just recently purchased that book, so it made me look closer at the shelves.  And so I found this gem.


Pope John Paul II, I believe, I have always felt the closest too in the realm of spiritual leadership…or communion of Saints, if you will. I never met him.  I’ve never been to Rome.  He is the Pope who has lead the church for most of my life.  I felt oddly saddened when he died, as if he were a family member.

I am also–and maybe this is foolishness and grasping at straws–taking this as a small nudge from heaven.  I am on my way back Home and have never felt the power of intercessory prayer this strongly before.  I have also never felt the power of evil so strongly before.  Home…as in the Holy Roman Catholic Church…seems to always be on my mind lately, so this book, seems like a nice nudge.  And if nothing else, I am sure to pick up some great insights as I go through it.


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