The greatest gift I’ve ever received.

Before I tell you the greatest gift I’ve ever received I want you to take a moment and think about the greatest gift you ever received. Go ahead! Who gave it to you? What was your reaction upon receiving it? What have you done with it since then?

Thinking over the course of my life, materialistically I don’t think there was an absolute greatest. I mean, I generally have a “it’s just stuff” mentality. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy gifts and am happy and grateful to receive them, but at the end of the day, it’s just things.

When I think about God I can’t help but be so very thankful for the gift of FAITH! I am so comforted that I don’t need to pursue the interworking of the planet and humanity. I don’t need to know why we are here or how we got here. I can believe in a literal 7 day creation or a creation that took thousands of years because at the end of the day, God did it all. How isn’t important to me.

I know there are many who struggle with this, so I am just thankful again for the gift of faith and the ability to rest assured that there certainly is a creator out there governing all of this. I am completely okay with some friends thinking I am a lunatic for believing in the one true God. It’s all good. For you dear friend I pray you too receive the gift of faith.

I have come to learn there really is nothing better than knowing beyond the shadow of doubt that God is real and God really does love little ole me…and He loves you too!


What do you think?

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