Just that name…..Jesus Christ.

Yeah, I know, it’s been a while.  Perhaps I just didn’t have much to say and I didn’t want to come here and just ramble.  Something happened today that I wanted to share with you, if I still have people willing to read my blog.  If you are out there, thank you!!!

I say that name, Jesus Christ, with the utmost respect.  He is my friend.  He is my savior.  He is my Lord.  He is.  

Today I am walking down the hall at work and someone passing by uses that name in a derogatory manner.  I really hate when people do that.  I mean, I can’t stand it.  I always counter it and give Him the praise He deserves.  Maybe next time someone says it that way I will respond “Praise His Name!” outloud.  Maybe they would get the hint.  

It’s repulsive to me.  Almost like any other curse word is.  I once read something that went a little bit like this……resorting to curse words demonstrates the lack of vocabulary you have.  I am not completely innocent though, don’t let me fool you.  When I get angry I don’t handle it well and curse, though I try to keep that to my private thoughts.  I hate that I even go there, I really do.  And I really truly hate when I let one slip.  

Back to the point.  First, if you don’t believe in Him why even let His name cross your lips?  Those of you reading this may not know me.  Do you use my name derogatorily?  No, you don’t.  Don’t use His.  What about Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie….when you get mad to you blurt out their names?  I will answer that and say, no, you don’t.  Only one person would make Jesus name a curse word, and that is satan himself.  If you don’t believe that, look at all the other ‘gods’…none of their names matter to satan so those are left alone.

Believer or not, one day every knee will bow.


5 thoughts on “Just that name…..Jesus Christ.

  1. I loved this! “Maybe next time someone says it that way I will respond “Praise His Name!” outloud. Maybe they would get the hint.” —made me giggle… Think I might do the same.
    That name… Jesus…. name above all names. “smile”

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