The fool…

These are pretty strong words from Psalm 14:  The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”

When I think about God and the arguments against Him, it always brings me back to this verse.  I consider myself very fortunate to have been raised in a home where God was taught about, prayed to, loved, worshipped.  I don’t necessarily agree with everything I was raised to believe, but the foundation of upmost importance was there.  God.  Where would I be today if I didn’t have that?  I must think that I would have been lumped into that category in Psalm 14.  I would probably be an unbelieving fool. 

Yesterday there was a five minute…maybe two minute…conversation in my house about plants and oxygen.  I think it was a question on a TV show that the kids were responding to.  I haven’t been able to forget about it.  Plants breathe out oxygen so we can breathe it in.  This realization (which I already knew from elementary school) got me thinking.  I seriously cannot wrap my mind around the absence of the Creator/Creation.  Creation…it’s so intricate.  All the pieces that work together, and some believe it happened by chance…I really truthfully cannot understand that.  There is greater chance for one person (in my humble opinion) to hit the powerball 100 times in life.  I am so thankful for the gift of faith.

The way I think about it, if we are all the result of some spontaneous big bang…plants have had to produce and thrive in a certain manner that was suitable for us.  Then you have us, male and female, perfectly unite together to create offspring.  But not just us humans.  Male and female of every kind, each spontaneously coming to be on their own….or evolving over time….and being able to reproduce.  

And someone wants me to believe all of that, all that I see when I open my front door, walk through the zoo, walk in the woods, walk in the mall, all of it just happened by chance.  Well, that is just craziness.  It is so much more logical for me to believe that it all was put together by an all powerful and all knowing God.  An intelligent creator.  A creator who at the very beginning of time knowing what would happen in the garden of eden would still move forth which His divine plan to create, knowing that we would sin against Him, knowing that He would then send His only begotten Son (who by the way was right there at the moment of creation) to die for my sins (and yours), but still proceeding with the plan because at the end of the day, He wanted children to have relationship with.  Yes, this is so much more logical to me and sets my soul ablaze just thinking about it.  I am so glad THIS is the way we all came to be and I am excited for the day when everyone knows the true story.  I just hope, I pray, that those I love will accept the gift He offers before it is too late. 


What do you think?

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