You’re a piece of trash!

Well, no you’re not, and I’m sorry if you really thought I’d talk to you that way because I seriously would not and I’ll tell you why later.

We all make judgements…everyday. We judge if something tastes good, looks good, feels good. These are legitimate judgements.

Casting judgements on people gets a little tricky.

I work with a girl who is very snippy and honestly, her attitude is sometimes difficult to deal with. I know I can be difficult sometimes too. So I make a judgement that outside of work, I would rather not hang out with her, and so I don’t. She is not in my circle of those I would call friends. And if she feels the same for me, that’s great, we are free to make those judgments.

I can make judgments about a person’s character. If you lie I can judge that you are not an honest person. If you are talking to me about another person I can judge that you gossip and the result would be me not telling you things I didn’t want others to know. If you steal I can judge that perhaps when you come over I’m going to secure my valuables.

If you are a parent I would think (and hope) you are making judgments on those who are good or bad influences in your kids lives, and then acting on those judgments accordingly.

We are not living in some utopia where we all must be friends, so long as we live civilly.

The problem comes when we judge a person as if we are God…when judgement is made on the person without regard for them as a fellow human who has done many of the same things we have. “He who is without sin cast the first stone.”

She’s a piece of trash. She’s a whore. He does drugs. She’s going to jail. He’s a murderer.

You know what?

I’ve lied. I’ve stolen. I’ve gossiped. I’ve been ungrateful. I’ve cursed. I have no
room to make those God-type judgments. I am not God.

As I was cleaning debris from the dishes I saw trash. Little things at the bottom of my sink that I will pick up and toss in the garbage. Stuff that after a few days will smell repulsive until I am able to put it out on the street for the garbage man to pick up. He will gather my decaying trash and throw it in the back of the truck with my neighbors decaying trash, and it will eventually make it to the landfill where it will rot with other garbage until it is gone forever.

Is that a good description of a person?…even a person with some heavy baggage?

No, I don’t think so.

That person who was referred to as “trash” is someone’s son or daughter. Someone’s sister or brother, mother or father. They are loved and they love. Despite what they might have done, they are made in the image and likeness of God. They are most certainly not trash. You are not trash. I am not trash.

In fact, you are special.

We are so special despite anything we have already done or will do, Jesus, member of the Godhead, came to earth for the sole purpose of dying to accept the punishment due to us for our wrongs.

So no, we are not trash. We are loved. We just make mistakes. We are the ones who put a value on the mistake. If I lie and you murder, Jesus died just the same for both wrongs.

And if you have a laundry list of things weighing you down with guilt and shame then my friend, turn to Jesus, confess it all, repent, and follow Him. There’s no need to carry that weight. He came to take it away from you! He came to make you free! I can’t tell you how liberating it is to drop all that baggage and walk in the freedom He provides. Please, just trust me and understand, He took my load, loved me, nailed it to the cross and now helps me as I walk to make better choices. Of course I still fail sometimes, but he helps me up again and I carry on.

To recap all I’ve said above – you are special and you are loved – no matter what your past looks like. Jesus is willing to carry your load if you are willing to give it to Him.


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