What were they thinking?

Tonight in small group (I will tell you more about small group another time) the scripture passage we read and discussed was Acts 1:1-11.

After Jesus resurrection He spent 40 days on earth proving He indeed was and is alive after having been dead and buried for three days. He walked with them, ate with them, and instructed them.

While reflecting on this passage though, all I could think and wonder is what they, His followers, were thinking. How were they taking all this in?

Peter walked out of the boat onto water with Jesus. He stood on water! Jesus allowed that to happen – He made it possible. Peter cut off the ear of one of those coming to arrest Jesus and Jesus restored that right in front of Peter. Just as Jesus said, Peter denied Him three times before the cock crowed. And here this man, this man who made these things happen, died and yet stood before them. He did this of His own power…because He is God.

But that’s not all!

Before their very eyes Jesus rose into the clouds, His physical body, and went away from their sight to be seated on His throne.

Can you imagine?


Can you imagine standing there and seeing Jesus going away in the air … Then reflecting on all that had happened up to this point?

I can imagine, but then again, I can’t. But I tell you what! When I think about this it makes me bold. It makes me unashamed. It makes me radical.

Unapologetically, I will proclaim Jesus is the one and only way. Unapologetically, I will proclaim that none of this depends on my belief, and it doesn’t depend on your belief either. It happened. Jesus lives. HE LIVES! And He will return for us just as He left. I receive it and I believe it, and I am here to proclaim it until He says my story is finished.


What do you think?

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