The curly hair problem

You know the problem, don’t you? Or maybe it’s just my problem? I have learned to embrace my curls years ago. I no longer live in envy of my straight-hair sisters.

On New Years Eve I wanted to get my hair cut. It was getting a bit painful to comb out each morning and seriously, 10 pumps of shampoo and 10 pumps of conditioner, plus a mountain of mousse in the palm of my hand…I enjoy the reprieve of using less products, stretching my dollar a little further.

I was feeling a bit adventurous this time though. I went online looking at different hair sites for some inspiration to jazz up my do. I searched for “curly hair styles”. You know what I found?….

Straight hair folks with curls put in their hair!?!

What is that? How is that a “curly hair” style. I mentioned this to the stylist cutting my hair and she knew what I was talking about. Why would anyone model straight hair folks for curly hair? Maybe I should be insulted…. 😏

The stylist asked me if I wanted layers…no thanks, no mushroom head here.

I ended up with the usual, wet my hair and throw some mousse in it and I’m on my way. I do love that about curls!


What do you think?

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