Dusting off the ole blog

Yep, as the subject of this post suggests, I think I might start it up again. I make no promises though. And that could be good for you, in either direction. Hey, it’s a new year, why not?

But here is the thing. I don’t want to write about only one thing. I don’t think about just one thing. Does this go against the rules of blogging? Is my blog supposed to be focused in one particular area? I suppose maybe it should. That is the problem though. My brain doesn’t work that way. I think randomly. And so this blog is going to reflect that.

Current events, my faith, politics, parenting, food, I will cover it all, as it pertains to my interests…and maybe, just maybe I will write something again tomorrow. Actually, I just thought of it. I am on a head start!

Happy New Year friends!


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