Mourning for the babies

Before I begin let me apologize if I tend to go all over the place with this post. My thoughts on this are all over the place. The situation itself is mind-boggling to me, which is perhaps why, I can’t seem to stay in one direction when I think about this case.

What case? The Kermit Gosnell case. Have you ever heard of him? My parents who watch the news all the time have never heard of him…and they are in the same state. That was very upsetting to me. This IS news! Why…how does the media get off not reporting this? Whatever happened to unbiased news reporting?

I’m not sure if I ever mentioned it on this blog, but I am pro-life when it comes to abortion, or any other life and death issues, to include the death penalty: I am pro-life. I, Jill, am just not qualified to grant life or death to any human being. Nor do I think any other human being is qualified to grant my life or death. This is a GOD thing. It is He alone who is the author of life, that gave us the breath of life, and that can take it away. He is the author of all life, regardless if you choose to believe it or not.

So Kermit Gosnell. It all started last week when the pro-life groups that I follow on Facebook started posting about Kermit Gosnell. He is, was, a medical doctor out of Philadelphia that ran an abortion clinic (for decades). He was a late-term abortionist. When his name started clogging up my news feed, I learned that at his hand, hundreds of viable babies died – they were murdered.

Upon learning this, I had sort of a spiritual crisis. For the first time EVER I had the absence of compassion for someone. I began to foster hate, disgust, contempt for this man. I began praying about these emotions I was feeling because I knew they were wrong. They were misplaced. A friend suggested I read the Grand Jury report. I downloaded it and couldn’t put it down. It was rather freeing for me. Strange?

What happened though as I started reading those pages which described the horror performed at Gosnell’s hands, I began to properly place my grief. I cried for the babies who were killed, and the mothers who died. I saw a picture of one baby, if memory doesn’t fail, the baby was 30 weeks gestation when Gosnell murdered him. I cried. Then I thought, if no one else shed a tear at this little ones death, I did. This little one will not be forgotten. This little one will live on in my memory, just like my beloved relatives who have passed on. This little one was alive and growing for 30 weeks, and this little one will be forever remembered. It was at this point that my disgust for Gosnell dissipated. It’s not like I forgot what he did, it’s not like I’m ignoring what it did. It’s just that my concern rests where it is appropriate, with Gosnell’s victims.

So what did Kermit Gosnell do? If you haven’t done so, or have never heard of him, I strongly suggest you read the Grand Jury report for yourselves. Be cautioned though, it is gruesome. There are details about how he killed these babies. There are pictures. I am not skittish about pictures (unless bones are popping out of the skin), the picture brought to me the reality of the life (lives!) that was ended at Gosnell’s hand.

Quite honestly, regardless if you are pro-choice or pro-life, there is something to be outraged about in this report for everyone. And then let action ensue. What action? Spread awareness of what was happening in Gosnell’s clinic so that if you are pro-life you can fight against this horror, or if you are pro-choice you can fight for women to never have to endure what these women endured – ever again.

Gosnell employed a full unlicensed staff. He left these unlicensed people treat women medically (to include a high school student). He allowed these unlicensed people to administer anesthesia to women. He operated a clinic with no standards of cleanliness or care. Linens were reused from patient to patient only being cleaned once a week. Women were treated on blood-ridden exam tables. Medical supplies intended for use only once were reused. He allowed a cat (or two?) to walk around in his clinic where he was performing these abortions. Women who came for abortions were so heavily sedated, they were “knocked out”. He took pictures of his patients vagina’s prior to the abortion procedure. Pervert! He is a racist by not allowing his untrained staff to treat white women, only he – the medical doctor – could treat them [white women].

In my opinion, Gosnell was a serial killer. The only thing, abortion allows legal killing. You see, these babies were born alive. They were crying, wiggling, breathing, heart beating, babies. BABIES. Not a “clump of cells”. BABIES. And he took some surgical scissors, stuck them into the back of the babies neck (living, breathing babies), and cut the spinal cord, killing them. He stored his victims in the clinic freezer. He kept some souvenirs from them, by cutting off their feet and placing those feet in jars. He is a monster.

After all that is said, I wonder if the President would still vote against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act.

Grand Jury Report –


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