Waiting to get back at it

I can’t even remember the last time I actually worked out. Shoot, last week I even gave up on counting my calories. Before I go on…


I think it was about the 2nd week of January that I started coughing. All the kids have been sick, in what really seems like a continuous sickness, since November, the week before thanksgiving to be exact.

I was still working out despite my cough, at first. Let me tell you, being winded with a cough is not fun. Just as I was starting to feel better, I came down with the flu. That was when I gave up recording my calorie intake. At that point it didn’t really matter to me. Apple juice seemed to be the only thing that at room temp, seemed to sooth my sore throat. That alone blew my calorie intake out of the water. Especially when I was only drinking water all day for the past year.

On my 2nd antibiotic I am just starting to feel better, and while my throat is still sore, it doesn’t feel like I am swallowing glass. Still coughing and stuffy. Hopefully I will be 100% and start working out soon.


What do you think?

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