Day One

Today is day one! I was so motivated I actually started on “zero” day (yesterday) with some exercise and calorie counting. I am tracking my calories with the myfitnesspal app, and can see that app will keep me motivated and accountable. I took my before picture and measurements and will repeat at the end of every month. I am excited and yet cautious…I don’t want to quit. I want to succeed…one day at a time. Slow and steady wins the race, right?


9 thoughts on “Day One

  1. Good luck on your venture!! I am doing the same. I love that app!! having someone to motivate you along the way is always a big help:)

    • Thank you! Good luck to you too. I think the app helps keep you honest and accountable. And as I see the weight loss numbers, I will for sure be motivated!!!!

      • Yes i agree! Its hard to keep account of everything eaten through out the day but that app really helps! What kind of diet are you on?

      • I am going low carb because I am insulin resistant. I am very out of shape so I am starting with dance central workouts on XBOX. Once I start to get in shape I will go back to the 30-day shred by Jillian Michaels…I did that yesterday and she kicked my butt….I am so sore! After that…who knows.

        What about you?

      • I am too! I have done the dance central as work outs but after a week it didnt challenge my body anymore so i am doing zumba and am trying to keep to a low calorie and low carb intake! A friend of mine suggested an insanity work ot but i wont do it until im in better shape!

      • Well if dance central doesn’t work beyond a week I guess I’ll go back to the 30 day shred. We tried insanity before, it was fun. I wasn’t able to do the moves perfectly, but I was able to quickly see myself getting in some sort of shape.

      • I will have to try Insanity then! Yes you can always get zumba as well for the xbox. Have you started any cardio? I want to start joggng but its really cold out.

      • The dance central is going to be my cardio in the workout mode. 30 day shred has a mix of cardio and strength. And insanity is a mix of both as well. Yesterday I did some walking with a couple bursts of jogging.

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