Merry Christmas Eve

Yeah, I know, it’s been months since my last post. I was going through a funk I guess, or maybe just four kids and a dog keep us busy enough.

Christmas time is my favorite time of the year. It has nothing to do with gifts and the commercial aspect, though I do thoroughly enjoy seeing faces light up as they rip through wrapping paper. But what I really enjoy is the atmosphere. There is a general sense of niceness and giving.

So today for me began with some delicious dunkin decaf….my absolute favorite and pancakes. We finished the cookies we are giving to people. We will get the cinnamon rolls prepped tonight as well as the steak and gravy in the crock pot for tomorrows breakfast.

We did not go overboard on gifts this year like we had in the past. I saw a post at divinecaroline where she talks about giving each of her kids only four gifts. I loved the idea so much that this is what we did for our kids this year. I’m feeling really good about not feeling the pressure to get them 8, 10, 13 gifts each. This is our new tradition! And to make it even more fun, their gifts will not be under the tree. They will get clues to seek out their gifts for a scavenger hunt throughout the house. This should be fun!

We have church tonight which I’m excited about. There is really nothing like being in a room of people who are all energized in their worship of our King, Jesus. It’s contagious!

And just to update you on the progress with Madison, she is 11 months old now. She walks all over the place. She is still happily breastfed, which I am extremely proud of. Though I am pretty sure my pumping days are over. She will turn 1 on January 11th and I still have over 400 ounces in the freezer. I think I will keep nursing her in the morning and evening and slowly start working in weaning her.

Well, time to get busy.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!



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