Toys…who needs them?

When #3 was born we said we were not going to go over the top with toys. When #1 and #2 were babies we had a lot of toys for them. So many, I had to keep them organized into categories of dolls, tea party stuff, food, electronics, etc. That was the only way they’d play with anything…for a second.

So we have restrained from buying tons of toys and keep them relatively organized. Yet, despite that it is so much better to play with a new diaper, some wipes, a sock, clipped coupons, a comb, the remote, the cell phone….for that one we even gave him a real cell phone, no service of course. It lights up an stuff. Nope. He’d rather ours.

Should we ask for these unconventional items for Christmas gifts?…it might save everyone some money. Is your kid like this?


What do you think?

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