Election season

We have entered that point of battle in the political cycle. Election time. They say there are only two topics that must never be discussed…politics and religion. It’s true (yet the topics I am most passionate about).

This week I was suckered into a political discussion. Because of past discussions, and already knowing we will never see eye to eye on the topic, I promptly said I couldn’t talk about it. That didn’t work, but I kept the conversation short.

There is no denying I am very conservative in my political opinions. Go ahead, call me a right wing nut job. I do believe in limited government and fiscal responsibility. And personal responsibility for that matter.

What I don’t understand is the hate between republicans and democrats. I was taught growing up that we must always vote democrat because they are “for the poor”. Well, I certainly don’t believe that. But I had mentioned two very notable republicans: Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. These two have done great things in America. And they definitely don’t follow the opposing view of republicans being for the rich. The person I was talking to was adamant in their belief that these two individuals were democrats. I let them know they were indeed republicans.

The response I got back was shocking…and I almost think I shouldn’t even share it. But, I haven’t disclosed who I was talking to….so….

The person said that it was a good thing they were assassinated. WHAT!?!?!?….merely because they were republicans. I don’t understand the vehement hate. I pray they were not serious.

I hope we can overcome this political hate.


What do you think?

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