15 years

Today marks my husband and my 15th wedding anniversary!  15 years.  Amazing.  It’s rather strange.  It feels like we’ve been together forever, but at the same time it feels like we were just married yesterday.  When I say forever though, I don’t mean that in a dragging kind of way.  But in the way as if it’s always been me and him.



The past 15 years have been the best 15 years of my life.  Through our good and bad times, with you, everything remains perfect.  Regardless of the circumstances of yesterday, today, or what we will face tomorrow, I know everything will be okay because I am with you.  I feel comfort in your embrace.  When I rest my head on your shoulder it’s as if time stands still.  You are my best friend, my soul mate.  Your smile fills my heart with joy.  I look forward to the next 15 years…growing old together.

I love you with all my heart,



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