What a week…

This past week has been busy to say the least. Our older kids spent the week in Pennsylvania with their grandparents. With them not at home, we are truly able to see how much of a positive impact they have on our sanity…how many times do you hear parents say that of teens? I also can say I don’t know how we managed two under two back then…does age make that big of a difference? I’m only 34 and don’t view that as old.

This past week made me worry about my own health. I began searching on google to see if memory loss is a sign of a brain tumor. It is by the way, as are many other signs. But perhaps my memory loss was the result of a whirlwind week chasing after two babies, one who runs full speed except when he sleeps, and the other who just learned to really crawl. Two examples of my forgetfulness are leaving my pumped milk out all night (booooo) and having one of my medela pumping bottles vanish into thin air, literally. I suppose it didn’t really evaporate somewhere, I reckon I probably threw it in the trash.


What do you think?

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