6 months!!

I cannot believe this time 6 months ago, I was nearing the delivery of our fourth child, Madison. I have reached a huge breastfeeding milestone…exclusively fed my baby with breast milk for the first 6 months of life (minus the few occasions we’ve given her a piece of our food).

It is an amazing journey, having children. You see two little lines on a home pregnancy test and immediately your heart fills in anticipation of this new life. If you are like me the first test isn’t convincing enough, so you proceed to take a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and yes, maybe a 5th test. All of those lines sitting before you with such promise for the future.

You then begin to experience those marvelous yet dreaded symptoms. These symptoms are important as they can indicate the health of the pregnancy and so you examine every ache, twinge, etc. You examine the toilet paper at each visit to the bathroom, never peeing in the dark again…at least for the next several months.

Time goes on at what feels like a snails pace, when in reality, it is flying by. You anticipate every doctors appointment when you get the chance to hear your baby’s heartbeat, every sonogram that you can sneak a peak.

You wait patiently to feel those first flutters….was that just gas? You begin to feel your baby jumping on your bladder and your anticipation grows.

There is nothing more miraculous in this life, in my opinion, than the awesome privilege of carrying a baby in the womb for 9 months.

The day comes when you find yourself in labor and delivery and the excitement knowing you are just hours from meeting this child you so anticipated those short 9 months grows.

The baby is born…and if you are lucky, you feel the affect of the after birth hormonal surge, ecstasy!

And then the next chapter begins.

You stare at this marvelous sight, your child in awe and utter amazement. Your sleep deprived self is woken at the softest noise of your baby’s precious cry, sneeze, cough, movement. Though you are holding your baby in your arms, you are missing those movements in your womb…and coming to the realization that you now have to share your baby with others.

You anticipate the first smile, those precious coos, rolling over, scooting, crawling and so much more. You are learning your baby’s personality…and your baby is learning who you are. You enter the room and you are all your baby wants, that is a great feeling.

In terms of the first year, we’ve reached the top of the roller coaster and are about to reach high speed with loops and whirls as the next 6 months hold some pretty big milestones that will usher in the start of independence. Oh how I hate that part when they don’t want to cuddle as long, if at all. But that’s the way it goes.

I’m enjoying each day to the fullest!


One thought on “6 months!!

  1. Great job Mama!
    Being a parent is the most wonderfully frustrating job 😉
    I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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