Pumping breast milk

I personally have a love hate relationship with pumping. I love to see the milk storage grow, but pumping can sometimes be so………..yeah. Anyway, this post offers excellent advice for fellow pumpers.

Amanda's World of Motherhood

I have been reading lots of breastfeeding and pumping threads lately on some breastfeeding groups on Facebook. Lots of new mamas and new pumpers. So it has inspired me to do a post regarding everything I learned during my 16 months of exclusively pumping(EP’g) for Munchkin.

This is my post about what started my EP’g journey http://amandasworldofmotherhood.wordpress.com/2009/08/05/how-i-became-a-cow/

Now for the tips(a lot of which can apply to breastfeeding in general):

  1. Make sure you are eating at least one hot, complete meal a day.       Yes this means a protein source, some veggies, a grain, etc. There are specific foods, herbs and spices that are beneficial to your milk supply. There are also some that are harmful. I will address some of these further down the list and provide you with some other resources.
  2. Make sure you are drinking enough water. Having a glass or bottle of water…

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