Going green

I have been trying to be greener for some time now.  The idea kind of makes me shudder a bit.  I don’t want to come off as some environmental rights wacko (no offense if that’s you).  Have you ever seen the Emotional Hippes crying over dead trees?  Seriously, this makes me laugh every time I watch it.  I am so not that person.  Of course I want to see environmental responsibility, but not to the detriment of us.  For example, I am all for drilling for oil in the United States, something obviously the environmentalists oppose.

My greenness comes from a desire to be healthier.  Bleach, comet, tilex, etc., are all bad for us.  In my quest to have a squeaky clean shower, I’ve used tilex, that stuff could choke you.  I mean, if it burns to breathe, it can’t be good for you.  The bottle does warn to open windows when using, but even when opening the window in the bathroom, I still felt like my nose hairs were being singed as my lungs also burned.  I’ve had to leave the room and literally gasp for air.  That can’t be good for you.

So this past weekend I began cleaning with plain ole vinegar and baking soda.  Much to my surprise, everything was just as clean.  And even though vinegar has quite the odor itself, its not going to kill cells in your lungs.  I am feeling better about things.  Now I need to figure out how to wash the floor, so far its still Mr. Clean.

The American Lung Association also has some interesting tips.  Next on my agenda is going to be homemade candles.  I can get some plain wax and add my own spices to it and know it isn’t filled with other random dangerous chemicals.  If you have some tips, please do share!


6 thoughts on “Going green

  1. My favorite thing for cleaning the bathrooms is mixing some baking soda with peppermint dr. bronner’s liquid castile soap. I use one of those scrubby pads with a handle and everything comes out super clean. 🙂

      • Our local health food store carries it. I have seen it at Target before too if you have one nearby. Or you can order it online. I use the liquid soap for all kinds of stuff. I dilute for hand soap(usually the lavender or tea tree scents), use it for homemade cleaners, etc. I grate the bars to use in homemade laundry soap.

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