Cucumber, sausage, and apples

What do those three foods have in common? They were the real “first foods” I offered to Madison yesterday. She has the skill now to grasp them in her fist! She choked a little on the sausage. She enjoyed the apple and cucumber though.

Today we are having chicken and bakes potato…yep, going to give her some of that. She isn’t really eating this stuff so much as tasting it and feeling it. But that’s okay, I’m still her sole source of nutrition. And when she’s ready to eat more real food, she will.

Updated as of Sunday evening: the chicken was a huge success, by far her favorite. She was getting so upset when she dropped it. She did actually eat some too, at least on one chunk she ate all that protruded from her fist. I was a bit nervous, but tonight’s excitement makes me think I can really do this. Huge confidence boost! Yay Madison!!


6 thoughts on “Cucumber, sausage, and apples

    • Yes, me too. Out of four kids, this is the first to be EBF nearing the 6 month mark…with the other three I didn’t make it past 6 weeks. She is also the first we are trying Baby Led Weaning. If I would have started this earlier, I might be cloth diapering too. But I think it is too late to start that investment.

      • No way. I started cloth diapering my first when he was 10 months old. He is only just now fully grasping potty learning. So I have gotten good use out of them with him.

      • But aren’t the diapers themselves really expensive to start out? My 20 month old has started to use the potty without our prompting. Perhaps the youngest will go slower. I just want to be sure to get good use to offset the startup expense.

      • It depends on what kind of diaper you go with. Prefolds and covers are the cheapest route. Green Mountain Diapers has good prefolds at a reasonable price. Pair them with a few good wool covers (wool is naturally antibacterial and breaths well and doesn’t need to be washed frequently) and you’re good to go.
        Personally I like pocket diapers. Our main stash is made up of BumGenius one size pockets. So one diaper fits them from babyhood to toddlerhood. With pockets you can adjust the absorbency according to your little ones needs.
        Most of our dipes we purchased used. I stalked the “For sale or trade” forum on So we got dipes that were still in good condition, but we saved anywhere from $5-$10 on each dipe. 🙂 So even if you got 15 dipes at $15 a diaper (give or take) you could spend a total of say $225. Wash diapers every other day and you are good to go.
        If a $10 pkg of disposables lasts a week, you would break even in about 5 months (give or take).
        Not to mention the cute factor of a cloth covered bum 😉
        Oh and, if your dipes are in decent shape when you are done with them, you can resell them and make some of your money back.
        Hehe. okay, was that too much? ;p

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