The condition of today’s church

Not sure how many people I’ve told this too, it’s rather personal, but I am no longer practicing Catholicism. I couldn’t, in good conscience, continue to practice it as I found myself not believing some major aspects of it…and to continue to practice it with the disbelief I had, would have made me a heretic, or does make me a heretic according to catholic church teaching. So today, I consider myself to be non-denominational, which means I am simply a Christian, a follower of Christ not prescribing to any particular denomination.

Lately though, I find myself questioning today’s Christian church as a whole. The Catholics are right on when it comes to social issues…and they fight for those social issues in our country and all over the world. What about the rest of the church?

The church I attend is baptist. They do some awesome things within our community. Lots of outreach. Lots of giving to the poor, lots of attracting people to come into the church with concerts and stuff. They have an awesome youth program, something my former (catholic) church was seriously lacking.

What’s missing though?…involvement in social issues. I have never heard them speak out against abortion, look for people to pray for an end to it, look for folks to go to the march for life. None of that.

Our country continues to walk further and further away from God without any resistance from Gods people. This makes me wonder if the church has fallen silent.

I read an article last week about a nativity scene already, in June, being banned from display at Christmas. Why wasn’t there a Christian protest? Why do we sit back and continue to allow them to push us, and more importantly, our God out if the picture.

I am silently entertaining the thought of volunteering to orchestrate some pro-life efforts, such as the 40 Days for Life campaign or see if there’s interest in going to the 2013 March for Life. Will this make a difference? Where is the church today standing up for what’s right? Makes me wonder if there’s any point in going anymore, honestly.

What are your thoughts? Maybe I’m completely off base…


6 thoughts on “The condition of today’s church

  1. Wow! Well, it took me a long time to find a church – about 12 years and half as many churches. As my wife says, “you’ll never find a church where you agree with everything.” But giving up entirely?! I’m thinking you need to reaffirm you faith, maybe get together with some family and/or close friends once a week for several months and get a reality check going …

    • Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my post. I do believe either I wasn’t clear in what I was saying or you missed the point of my post, so I will try to clear that up. I am happy with my local church. It did take me quite some time to find it too. But overall, I think THE church (as in the body of believers, all Christians, or however you define us all) have fallen silent and sit and watch our rights continue to be stripped and watch morality continue its downward spiral without the slightest interjection. THE church (thinking big again) has lost its boldness that it had when Paul walked around spreading the good news and rebuking those in error. Of course, not all, but enough remain silent that you cannot hear the Christian voice anywhere. Thanks again for reading and commenting!

  2. You are right once again Jill! No, not every Christian has fallen silent but enough have that the World CHURCH appears to be silent on important issues of the day – abortion being just one of many. I think one of the problems is that the liberal media makes Christians who speak out look like nitwits or worse bigots – and we are niether. Then we rollover and give-in to other religions because we think the United States is so inclusive. BARF. There is a missunderstanding of Jesus these days that he was never judgmental and that he allowed everything. NOT THE CASE, just ask the money changers in the temple! Yes, he forgave those who were truly contrite, but their actions were still wrong. Today’s CHURCH is scared to say when things are wrong and call them what they are. Shame on us when we care too much about speaking out and taking the heat of a liberal society; verses being the voice of our Savior. There, I said it!

    • You are right, the moment someone speaks out they are lumped in a category with the likes of Westboro Baptist Church, which is unfortunate. Indeed Abortion is just one of the many issues facing us today…it just happens to be one that I am highly passionate about. How do we get the big church to wake up? Souls are at stake! Thanks for reading and commenting!!!

  3. Your thoughts really resonated with me. I think what it comes down to for many churches and many Christians individually is fear: Fear of being labeled, ostracized, or just plain looking odd to others. This is strange to me because as Christians we are to model Christ, who certainly ruffled feathers and appeared strange to general public during his time on earth.

    • Thanks for your comment and visiting my blog. It is a strange situation we all seem to be in, because honestly, I am not even as bold as I should be. Perhaps if we saw the boldness in the church it would help us all to be bold. We need to be like Paul! But I think our churches have gone on either two sides of the line: One side where you get the warm fuzzy preaching, where they tow the line very closely, but don’t cross over and perhaps offend someone and the other side where you get the fire and brimstone preaching…Nothing in the middle. But oh how we need that! How else will conviction come upon people if they don’t hear it all?

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