Knowing your future

This past weekend we went to Ocean City. Maybe on another day I will share the experience of a weekend away with a 20 month old boy and 5 month old girl, plus two teens….but not today.

While we were walking around I saw card readers, fortune tellers, palm readers. I had gone to have my cards read as a teen myself. It seemed like something fun to do. Looking back, it was a waste of money. Sure, the card lady was able to provide me with some vast generalizations that could have happened to anyone, honestly though, what was the point? Was I to watch intently waiting for something to happen? Was I to tip toe around to prevent an occurrence?

If you go to such people to learn of your future, joys or pains, what do you really gain? Nothing. Zilch. In fact, you lose. You lose more than just money though.

We are only given one life. In the grand span of time, the 70, 80, 90 years we are here (if we are one of the lucky ones) truly flashes by like the blink of an eye. Why would you want to give up life’s little surprises, whether good or bad, for $25 bucks?

The card reader may say marriage is in your near future, or a baby, or a new job. Why let this card reader spoil those things for you? Why not just walk the road of life and experience the joys and pains without advance notice?

In the end, it’s these surprises that makes life’s best memories. Not the stranger shuffling a deck of cards.


2 thoughts on “Knowing your future

  1. I agree. I don’t want to ruin the surprise of what life has in store for me. If I know something may happen (good or bad) I would waste all my time worrying about exactly when.

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