So proud of my daughter

From the moment our children are conceived, they are constantly growing. The growth rate is so fast if you don’t pause to reflect on the present, it will pass you by. And even if you do reflect on the present, it will still feel as though it is passing you by.

Tonight my first child….now young lady, graduated from the 8th grade. Yikes!….next year I have a freshman!! It seems like just yesterday we were sitting in middle school preparing for sixth grade listening to the principle give his speech about the awkwardness of that in between stage, where they are not children anymore, yet not teens. That stage where they will begin to experience new growth, intellectually as well as physically. Shoot, it seems like yesterday we were taking pictures for the first day of kindergarten.

What is really fun though is watching this child you have guided blossom into a beautiful young person, beauty inside and out. Magnificence. I am damn proud of my daughter. Seeing the person she is becoming is bolstering my own confidence in the parenting skills of both me and my husband.

Jourdan has accomplished principles honor roll this year after working so hard. That makes me very proud. But what makes me even prouder is the silver presidential award she won. This award is given to those who are community servants. This award does not highlight academic achievement, but character. You can achieve all the highest awards academically, but without good character, without becoming a good human being, the academic awards are just paper.

In school, Jourdan participates in the buddy’s club. She’s done this since sixth grade. Buddy’s club is a club for special needs children. She is a group leader and the children look up to her. She has chaperoned special Olympics dances at school, after regular school hours. She’s wanted to participate in the Baltimore walk for autism last year, but we didn’t as it was cold and rainy that day. She’s been so eager to help in any way she could.

When she grows up she would like to be a teacher, specifically, language arts or social studies. Honestly though, I believe she already has her calling and just isn’t seeing it yet. Teacher, yes. But the area I think will be those very special kids who need the heart and compassion like hers.

Though I certainly don’t want to see my baby grow up, I am so excited….so very excited to see how she impresses me next year as she enters her next chapter.


2 thoughts on “So proud of my daughter

  1. They are a continuing source of pride, joy, and occassional heart ache – so enjoy every minute of what they give. I suspect that YOUR kids are lucky to have you – a strong, Christian woman who can set good examples everywhere in life. I especially like the conversations we have in the car just one-on-one; they are both revealing and reassuring at the same time. Nothing is sugar-coated, they are open to your ideas, and it is a golden time with them.

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