Pumping sucks

Now that my headache is really gone I can write about what I really wanted to write about today….

Pumping sucks. Seriously. It sucked even worse today with a splitting headache.

One of the best parts of breastfeeding is not having to deal with washing bottles. Because I work outside the home, I have plenty of bottles to wash each night…plus pump parts. So again, pumping sucks.

I work in a place where I can’t take my cell phone. That leaves me with old fashioned magazines to read while pumping. No biggie, except when you forget to pick up some magazines….but even so, today wasn’t a day I would have been able to read them anyway.

I was left though to listen to my pump speak to me. Seriously, after you pump for so long it sounds like its speaking. You can hear a beat from it, and maybe even begin tapping your foot. It’s strange, perhaps the brains way of making it not as bad.

As bad as it sucks though…

I am grateful. Grateful for the invention of the breast pump. (thank you medela!). Grateful for the place to pump and the support to pump. (thank you employer!).

And at the end of the day when I am home with my baby feeding her as nature intended, I am happy I pumped and think, it wasn’t that bad. This is why I do it!

Can’t believe I’ve breastfed for nearly 5 months already, and pumped for 3.


What do you think?

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