Becoming Holistic…

I have been reading more about vaccines, medications, chemicals, etc., and am thinking that becoming more holistic, natural and organic would benefit my overall health and that of my family. It just makes sense that all these chemicals are not good for us, yet we are doused in them daily from hair care, deodorant, milk, air freshener, cleaning products, drinking water, etc. And what is even crazier is that some of the chemicals that might be in cleaning products might also be in something we eat.

Well all that went out the window today when I had a headache. I spent almost the entire day with this nagging throbbing headache. A friend came to my rescue with two white pills and a couple hours later I am headache free. Guess I will look into natural headache relief for next time.

While you may think I’m crazy and that I should be thankful for modern medicine and the relief brought about by these pills, you have to consider just what you are putting into your body. When filling a prescription for Motrin 800 after the birth of our youngest, the pharmacy gave me a one page, three columns, warning paper about all the potential risks associated with use of Motrin. Reading those made me a little nervous….and it was just Motrin.


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