My baby is completely normal!!

This evening one of my “breast friends” shared a link to an excellent article, Timeline of a Breastfed Baby.  This article would have been so nice to have come across when it was actually written, right before the birth of our newest addition.  Nevertheless, reading it tonight was so timely.

Recently, within the past several weeks, Madison has been waking to nurse in the middle of the night.  She is nearly 5 months old.  She began sleeping the night at two weeks old, yes, you read that right, two weeks old!  What a blessing that was.  I swear, I was the most well-rested postpartum mom ever!  But then suddenly she began waking at night, sometime between midnight and 2 a.m.  I have been worrying for the past several weeks that perhaps I had a dip in milk supply and that she wasn’t getting enough.  Nope, wrong answer.  I didn’t make the connection to her waking with her being so easily distracted during nursing these days.  And just as the author said, someone comes in a room, leaves a room, opens a door, shuts a door, turns on the light, says good night, says hello, sneezes….what ever….she is unlatched and looking around.

I will be printing this article and posting it in the mother’s room at work for my fellow pumping mommy’s too.  There is so much other great info with regard to the benefits of breastfeeding at the different age milestones.  Reading those helps to reinforce my motivation to continue pumping.  Also makes me wonder if I will be one of those moms that continue to breastfeed beyond the first year.  One year has been my goal, but who knows.


What do you think?

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